Pricing, Hours and Registration Forms

We understand you may need longer hours, But please keep in mind that we are open for 10.5 hours Monday through Friday.  This is 2.5 hours more than the standard 8 hour work day. 

$30 a day/ $140 a week 7:00am - 5:30pm – 6 weeks of age and older

We offer a sibling discount based on a percentage scale (Does not combine with weekly special rate, rate received if any will be the greater of the two):

Child(ren) Percentage Discount Calculated per cost per child
1 -0- $30.00 for for first child
2+ 7.5% off $27.75 for each additional

We also offer before after school care for those attending Canyon Ridge Elementary. The rates are as follows: $5.00 per hour per child no sibling discount available.

If you are dropping off for a few hours the cost is $5 an hour up to 4 hours, then the regular charge is $30 a day. If you have questions or are in need of a different type of schedule feel free to call we will work with you.

Please note that we are a business and our fees and policies are NOT NEGOTIABLE

Printable registration forms (click the links below), Please note that there is no registration fee:
Child Information Form
 - 2 pages
Childcare Contract & Rate Agreement - 2 pages - information about our

These documents are in .PDF format. to view and print these on computer you must have Adobe PDF reader.  If you do not have it click here for Adobe PDF Reader

Registration Form Childcare Contract and Rate agreement

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